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Our stockcar racing simulator is built from a modified, scale race car capable of 120+ miles per hour.  The driver is surrounded by a full steel roll cage and sheet metal interior.  The body is proportionate to a full size NASCAR® stock car and 2/3 scale for ease of transport and space conservation.  The force-feedback steering gives the driver a real sense of g-force, and tire slip.  This is not the watered down stuff found in other racing centers, arcades, or at home your arms may experience fatigue.  Another key sensation in racing is vibration, and we've got it.  We have a real, dynamic mechanical vibration, not a little sub-woofer under the seat. 

The stockcar-racing simulator has authentic construction and styling.  It features a steel frame and full roll cage.  A fiberglass body that is removable in a matter of minutes.  The stockcar is also equipped with Goodyear racing slick tires and Basset wheels.  The interior is equipped with sheet metal panels.  You sit on Butlerbuilt racing seat, then in front of the seat is a high force feedback steering wheel and the shifter is a B&M Pro Ratchet.  On the panels are working gauges: oil pressure, speedo, tach and a shift light.  Then on the dash panel is where you find your engines start button, aux 1-3, temperature light and gearbox select.  The racing simulator has a THX 400 watt, 4-Channel surround sound system. Other features and options are:Fully enclosed and cooled electronics


  • 6 DOF motion platform
  • Driver safety system
  • 10' projection screen, 3-Channel projection (left, center, right), or monitor enclosure
  • Motion Control Panel
  • 99 channel Intercom/Spotter stations


  • steel frame and roll-cage
  • sheet metal interior and panels
  • removable fiberglass body
  • Butlerbuilt racing seat
  • working Autometer gauges:  oil pressure, speedo, tach and shift light
  • Goodyear racing slicks and Basset wheels
  • B&M shifter
  • high force feedback steering wheel
  • full mechanical chassis vibration
  • THX, multimedia certified, 400 watt, 4 channel sound system
  • fully enclosed and cooled electronics
  • dash panel:  engine start, aux1-3, temp light, gearbox select


  • 6 DOF motion platform
  • magnetic door latch
  • driver safety system
  • 10' projection screen, 3 channel projection(left, center, right), or monitor enclosure
  • motion control panel
  • 99 channel Intercom/ spotter stations
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