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System Overview:

AeroNumerics has used their extensive experience in location based entertainment system design and manufacturing to create a system that addresses the unique concerns and desired features of the LBE operator and customer.  Every component of the RaceCarSims system is modular, and can be added or removed from the system to create a customized installation to your facility.

The minimum component of the system is a single car.  From there you can add the Race Control Station and up to 23 more cars, car set up stations, a Print Station, a Race Scheduler, and Race Camera and Timing Displays to give spectators a TV-style view of the race simulation.  Couple all of this with an AeroNumerics PA system and you have created a virtual speedway!

All components of the RaceCarSims system are designed with maintainability in mind.  We have spent years of our life working in and around simulators and vehicles, and we understand the difficulties in working on systems such as this.  That is why AeroNumerics has built the RaceCarSims system to be easily maintained by anyone with basic Handyman and PC skills, reducing your maintenance budget greatly!


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