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Race Scheduler

The Race Scheduler is where the experience begins.  With this scheduler you can make reservations days, weeks, and even months in advance.  You will be asked your name, address and number.  This scheduler maintains a customer database for speedy service for return customers.  This will also generate mailing out newsletters on up coming events or specials occurring at that center.  After you have registered at the race scheduler, it communicates with the race control to automatically create the races.


race scheduler:

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  • make reservations for minutes, days, or months in advance
  • maintains customer database for speedy service of repeat customers and mailing list generation
  • communicates with race control to automatically create races
  • view daily and future utilization
  • customize race lengths or hours of operation for any day
  • control track type, number of cars, race length, and realism settings
  • supports different starting sequences, and session types
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