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Race Control

One operator usually controls the Race Control.  The operator controls the race simulation with a single touch of the screen.  This individual can monitor up to 24 interactive racing simulators from a single touch screen monitor.  The race control communicates with the scheduler to automatically create races.  The Race Controller also can manually create races, modify each race and even end it.  You can also edit the driver names, which will be printed out on their race printouts and shown on the race timing display.  The controller selects the track type, the amount of time the race is going to be and set up the number of cars that is going to be in the race.  You can also repair any damage occurred during the race by setting them up for a pit stop to repair any damage.  During the pit stop you are given a fresh set of tires, repairs the damage you or your competitors caused and you are also able to adjust your tire pressure. 

The race control also supports different starting sequences:  random order, qualifying order, standing start, or pace lap starts.  Also, if you have a driver that is disruptive you can black flag that driver, so that driver does not affect anyone else's race.  The race control can also turn on / off the hydraulic motion platforms for each car.  Turning the motion off on a racing simulator can safely allow a pit crewmember to approach the car

The Race Timing display shows your current information on the races.  The display shows you the position, number, name, laps completed, their last lap time, the amount of time they are behind the leader and time remaining in that race.  On separate displays, the upcoming races are shown and the names of the drivers with their car assignments.  When you enter the drivers meeting room, you will see your name next to the car you have been assigned.  These displays provide waiting customers and spectators' information on current and upcoming races.


race control:

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race timing:

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  • communicates with race scheduler to automatically create races
  • manually create, end, or modify races
  • input driver names, for car loading, printouts , and race timing display
  • view progress of current races (time remaining, etc.)
  • qualify and race
  • race only
  • qualification only
  • testing/practice sessions
  • rolling or standing starts
  • race length: time or laps
  • number of computer drivers
  • computer driver skill levels
  • car damage
  • wall collision damage
  • car to car collision damage
  • pit stop duration
  • stop and go penalties
  • black flag or reset cars
  • play music during loading/unloading
  • automatic race start announcements
  • enable or disable motion
  • adjust race lengths during a race


  • race timing display--info about current races, lap times/speed, lap number, etc.
  • next two races display--lists who will be in the upcoming races
  • car assignments display--in the driver meeting room, shows which car driver is assigned
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