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We have developed a number of displays designed to extend the racing experience beyond the cars, and into the whole facitlity.  Spectators and on-deck racers will enjoy the action and information presented.  Ever wonder what the team owners, managers, and race engineers are looking at in the pits during the race?  They're watching the TV coverage, and looking at closed curcuit timing information provided by the track.  See the same information and watch the reace the way team owners and race engineers do in the pits, on TV displays.

Action Cameras provide TV style coverage of the action during the races.  Switching periodically from car to car, thess displays give spectators a chance to view the action around the track.  This type of display can be used in snack bar areas, or by an entrance to draw customers into the experience. 

Race Timing displays provide race information in real time.  Position, car number, driver name, laps completed, time behind leader, and last lap time are displayed.

Car loading displays show drivers in the driver meeting room which car they will be assigned to. Great for facilitys with two or more rows of cars.

Next Race displays show waiting drivers a count-down style view of who's racing next.

Race Timing:

Action Camera:

Action Camera:

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