stock car motion software

Racing Simulators! brings you the finest race car simulators available anywhere.  We are simulation specialists.  Capitalize on the excitement and increasing popularity of the NASCAR®, Formula 1 ®, CART®, World Rally®, and the IRL® racing series.  We have built both stock car and open-wheel simulation centers.  Many companies have built NASCAR® simulators, but our racing simulators are the most cost effective, and available for sale to anyone.


System Overview:


  • highly accurate car handling
  • photo realistic graphics
  • 24 car interactivity
  • aerodynamic forces
  • drafting
  • tire wear
  • tire temperature effects
  • engine wear
  • external car damage
  • pit stops
  • pace car
  • full race sequencing
  • custom car setups
  • in car setup adjustments
  • special effects: smoke, skids, wall scrapes
  • 3D, 4 channel sound
  • spotter voices
  • computer drivers
  • race position tracking and timing
  • customizable advertising and sponsorship
  • complete hardware interface
  • full ride and motion safety
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