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6-DOF Motion Platform

For the ultimate in seat of the pants sensation, nothing beats a six DOF(degree of freedom) motion platform.  Six DOF motion platforms are an aerospace standard used in multi-million dollar fighter aircraft simulators.  Not only can you achieve six distinct types of motion, but when they are combined simultaneously, just about any desired effect can be had.  One of the most satisfying aspects of a 6-DOF motion platform is the absence of any perceivable pivot point.

The motion platform lets you feel what the car is doing.  For example: when you lose traction at the rear wheels and the back end begins to comes around, you'll feel it.  Without motion, by the time your eyes tell you the back end's coming out, it's usually too late.  Motion also gives you a good indication of how smoothly you're driving, you can feel the even the most subtle weight transfers from left to right, or front to back--something that's almost impossible to see.  Motion also gives drivers a nice incentive to stay out of the wall!  Our software motion control focuses on realistic driving cues instead of the ruckus, over emphasized ques found in other simulators and arcade games.

Hydraulically actuated, these units have ample power to excite their half-ton payload.  Each motion platform is constructed of powder coated, welded steel.  A wide variety of hydraulic power units(not pictured) are available to meet a wide range of requirements.  All electronics are fully enclosed and cooled.  A full compliment of safety systems, both hardware and software, are in place to ensure passenger well being.  Static units(pictured) require three concrete anchors for mounting.  Portable units are also available.   

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