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 Grand Prix Italia       2/2001


A new 3.58 mile road course, the Grand Prix Italia is a perfect beginner road-course, easier to learn than some other road courses. See the screens shots here.

Driver ID cards      11/2001

We have upgraded our Race Scheduler and Setup Station software to use Driver ID cards with barcodes on them.  For customers who purchase the ID cards, logging on to the setup station is as easy as scanning your ID card.  Facility owners will appreciate the time savings at the reservation desk. 

 3-Screen System       12/2001


The Ricky Bob race center in Canada will be the first facility to incorporate a 3-screen simulation system.  This compact system provides over 135 degrees field of view visually and 180 virtually.  A 10 foot wide single screen system provides about 65 degrees visually and 60 degrees virtually.    

Pole Position Race Center - Now Open!  11/2000


The Pole Position Racing Center, located in Berlin, Germany, is open for business.  The facility is equipped with eight Formula 1® style racing simulators.  We are really pleased with the results we obtained working with Klaus Schwantes of the racing center.  We spent weeks tuning the open-wheel car physics and setup.  The results were outstanding!  The Formula 1® style car reaches speeds of 187.5 mph (300 kph) on the GP Europa road course and is incredibly well balanced through the many turns.  The acceleration and braking capabilities of these cars tax driver timing and rhythm skills like no other form of racing.  You can visit their web site at: --this is a German site, they have a different word for everything.

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