This is RACING! brings you the finest in racing simulators available anywhere.  We are simulation specialists with over a decade of experience in the location based entertainment (LBE), or commercial entertainment center industry.  Our objective is to produce top quality electronic hardware and computer software for the expanding simulation and location based entertainment markets.  We set out to design and produce every part necessary to fulfill a core of set requirements for any racing simulation system.  Our products include a real-time simulation software executive core, racing simulation software, pilot-and driver-to-vehicle interface hardware and various software and hardware support components.  We capitalize on the excitement and increasing popularity of the NASCAR®, Formula 1®, CART®, IRL®, and the World Rally® racing series.  We have built both stock car and open-wheel simulation centers.  We have provided technology and expertise to help launch the following location based racing entertainment facilities.

      • Bush League Racing in Sacramento, California
      • Pole Position Race Center in Berlin, Germany
      • RickyBob Raceland in Calgary, Alberta
        (which features a 3-Screen Visual Image System)

Many companies have built racing simulators, but our racing simulators are the most cost effective and available for sale to anyone.  Our specialty is multi-car simulation facilities; we can also design a custom facility that meets your needs.  We are able to provide single car systems as well as fully interactive, multi-car simulation centers.  We can model virtually any track, or any style of racing.

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RickyBob Raceland--Grand opening     7/19/2001

Construction on the RickyBob Raceland is complete!  Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, the Raceland is a racers paradise--eh. Drive on one of five tracks including 4 go-kart and one quarter mile oval for the 2/3 scale strockcars. You can also drive one of our, full motion, 3-screen, stockcar simulators there.  Visit their web site at

New! Daytona   7/6/01


Race on this banked, 2.5 mile monster.  At 33 degrees, this is one of the highest banked tracks in the NASCAR series. You can check out some screen shots right here.

New! Indianapolis      6/6/2001


Now our stockcar drivers can race at Indianapolis too!  This quad oval is banked 9.2 degrees in each corner.  The four discrete turns make this one of the more unique stockcar tracks.  Average lap times are 59.5 seconds for  2.5 miles.  Check out the screen shots  here.

Bush League Racing Center--1 year anniversary     5/2001

The month of May marks the one year anniversary for the Bush League Racing Center in Roseville, California. congratulates the hard working staff and drivers at Bush League Racing--Good work!

New! Grand Prix USA      5/1/2001 is proud to introduce a new track, the Grand Prix USA.  Race the only Formula 1 track with speedway style banking. Fact: Between 1950 and 1960, the Indy 500 counted for Formula 1 championship points.  Check out the screen shots  here.

Chicagoland Raceway   4/10/01


Go to Bush League Racing and race on our new Tri-Oval track, the Chicagoland Raceway.  Race on this brand new track before the NASCAR series races it. See more right  here.

Update:  Com system complete      4/15/2001


We have finished up work on a new, software comm system which will allow for car to car and car to spotter communications.  The system has twenty channels which can be configured at the Race Control Station .  In addition, the systems allows for an operator or race steward to assist a single driver or make general announcements to all racers.

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